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Dec 15, 2017

Mistress Simone goes over some of the common modes of being a Mistress in this podcast. She breaks it down very clearly, starting with the maxim that “Mistress does not equal Bitch” and moving on from there. Then she covers some more ways that a feminine dominant can express their relationship. The Goddess, the Princess, the Lady, and more variations all have their enjoyable qualities. Simone lays them out clearly and encourages you to try them for yourself
Finally, Mistress Simone takes the time to talk about some of the assumptions and mistaken concepts about dominant women. She explains that for her this is not about past trauma, greed, or hate, but rather out of a desire for connection with her partners. It’s all about consent and pleasure for Miss Simone, and this is an open look into the mind of a remarkable and very dominant woman.

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Dec 1, 2017

Cecilia Tan, a leather community activist since 1991, discusses some vital things to consider when agreeing to play with a new partner. She explains that learning how to negotiate for your own needs is a vital skill for any submissive or bottom. Finally she talks about "blame", and how to negotiate the desire to stay in ‘sub-space’ while still communicating about physical or psychological limits and needs in order to prevent more serious consequences.

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Nov 15, 2017

Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington defines age play as any role playing that involves age dynamics between consenting adults. Lee describes various motivations and inspirations for age play, corrects common misperceptions about this play, and underscores the importance of healthy communication with your partner. Then he talks about pain and kink, offering various techniques and sharing his wisdom on the motivations and intentions for pain play.

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Nov 1, 2017

A common occurrence at events is for people to meet, strike up a conversation, discover mutual interests, and get right into playing. Stefanos and Shay have some recommendations for increasing the odds of a hot scene.

Stefanos & Shay Talk about Setting Kinky Playdates

Then they model an appropriate way to meet people at events, parties, and munches with a kink theme. Finally they highlight the reasons for and value of safewords, underscore the critical importance of pre-negotiation, offer numerous examples of verbal and nonverbal safewords, and suggest ways to empower the bottom’s use of safewords without worry or shame.

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Oct 15, 2017

In this podcast Princess Kali focuses on the many styles of dominance: strict, motherly, cold, warm, bratty, teasing – and more! She suggests numerous nonverbal, verbal, and physical ways – stares, commands, groans, holds, and more – to create a more dominant energy in your sexual encounters.

Princess Kali on Dominant Techniques

She also covers the pre-planning of the scene, setting reasonable ‘goals’ for the time frame available, recognizing the focus of the play-time, and finding activities that suit your current mood.

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Oct 1, 2017

Sinclair Sexsmith

The creator of "The Submissive Playground" talks about how to start a new protocol, how to use it for personal improvement, and also creating domestic protocols for power-exchange relationships. 

  • Aside from being sexy, protocols can be a part of making you and your partner better in many ways. Sinclair talks about using a D/s relationship as motivation to exercise, to learn, to improve in various ways whether you are with someone or just by yourself. All of it is within the context of making your overall sex life hotter, with a nice bit of personal development on the side.
  • What’s the best way to implement a new ritual or task into a D/s relationship? Sinclair Sexsmith breaks it down for you in this clip. The process involves a trial period, a check-in, and then more evaluation to make sure that the new protocol is nurturing the power exchange dynamic and also can be sustained.
  • Sinclair Sexsmith explains several of the domestic protocols that can make everyday tasks a hot part of your dominant/submissive relationship. By combining sexual clothing, toys, or even actions with the chores around the house your domestic environment can become a foundational part of your D/s play.

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Sep 15, 2017

Miss Simone takes the time to talk about what she considers to be the difference between cross-dressing, sissification, and feminization. Some of it is physical, some of it psychological, and it can all be fun – but knowing what kind of fun you’re looking for is an important step in getting what you want.

Mistress Simone on Sissification

She also covers how language changes when you’re dominating a sissy boy to create the desired aura in this kind of play.

Lastly Mistress Simone shows haute couture for sissies in this clip with a selection of outfits to bring out the inner tramp.

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Sep 1, 2017

How do we treat the objects in our lives?

Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington challenges consumer society, actually challenges all of us, to examine how we treat others and objects during part one of this deeply thought provoking podcast.

He then defines the commonly misunderstood term fetish from three distinct perspectives: personal longings, clinical definitions, and anthropology, providing a plethora of concrete examples from each viewpoint and also suggesting ways to talk about fetishes with others.

Finally, Lee highlights the great varieties in animal role play such as language, physicality, naming, food, etc. .

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Aug 15, 2017

Still not sure if you want to be part of the public kink community?

Mollena Williams and Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams, authors of “Playing Well with Others”, have a bunch of reasons why you should. From voyeurism to education to lifelong relationships, the kink community can enrich your own personal kink experience in more ways than you can imagine. T

his podcast also covers "Dungeon Do's & Don'ts" and "Con Crud and Con Drop".

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Aug 1, 2017

Rhuff Reddy talks Pony Play HeadspaceMistress SimonePuppy Play with MinxGrrl

Every kink is personal, and this podcast explores three very different kinds of passion between consenting adults:

  • Pony Play with Rhuff Reddy
  • Littles with Mistress Simone
  • Puppy play with MinxGrrl

Each of the presenters describe what draws them to their kink, what it gives them, and how they share it with others.

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Jul 15, 2017

Stefanos and Shay talk about protocol and tips for submissive play.

Stefanos and Shay from and the SF Citadel cover Levels of Protocol, ways submissives can help guide a scene, and assertive negotiation tips from the sub's perspective.

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Jul 1, 2017

Mollena Williams - Diplomacy in D/s

Mollena Williams, International Ms Leather 2010, begins a series to help power exchange players communicate more effectively. She points out that regardless of your relationship dynamic, the start of communication needs to come from respect. She outlines how that looks from various perspectives to lay a foundation for future talks on the how of D/s diplomacy.

Also in Diplomacy in D/s:

  • Diplomacy in D/s: It’s for Everyone
  • Diplomacy in D/s: Navigating Yes and No
  • Diplomacy for D/s: for the Dominants
  • Diplomacy for D/s: Conflict Resolution
  • Diplomacy for D/s: for Submissives

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Jun 15, 2017

Graydancer and JP Robichaud (a rope bondage enthusiast from Toronto) begin a series about the idea that the path is as important as the destination in a scene. They discuss the importance of identifying the purpose of your rope bondage: for the feelings evoked, or for some finished product like a photograph? Listen as they explore the ways to make your rope bondage scene more powerful.

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JP Robichaud and Graydancer

Jun 1, 2017

In episode 1, Princess Kali talks about three key aspects of dominance: 

Coming Out as Kinky sets the context for the conversation, highlights three reasons (political, health, and social) for coming out, notes the various levels of the process of coming out, and covers some of the effects of coming out too.

Playing with Control first talks about the various ways control eludes us, and then highlights some of the reasons why playing with – that is, taking and relinquishing – control is both helpful and fun.

Action vs. Intent defines intention and highlights its significance. Then Kali discusses how intentions can differ in relationships. Good communication – especially about emotional and physical desires – is crucial. Having aligned your intentions, you and your partner can enjoy your favorite activities even more!

Princess KaliPrincess Kali has been lecturing on a variety of BDSM topics throughout the country since 2003 in the US and internationally. Presenting at such educational institutions as Harvard, RISD, and Brown University as well has Lifestyle venues such Black Rose, Fetish Flea Fair, Leather Retreat and Kink in the Caribbean has garnered Princess Kali respect in both the vanilla and kink worlds.

Founding the Kink Academy in 2007 has allowed Princess Kali to reach an even broader audience in a more personal way, with her particular form of kink positive sex education, helping couples and singles reach a deeper understanding as well has a heightened creativity in their personal perversions


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