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Nov 15, 2018

Thanks to the wonders of technology it's easier than ever to stay close to someone even when they're far away. However, when you're kinky, there are still some "best practices" for keeping a relationship hot and fresh.

Princess Kali and Resa Amnesia talk about how to keep both your emotions and your bodies happy and kinky for all kinds of relationships. This podcast is filled with solid tips and practical tricks for you and your partners.

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Nov 1, 2018

Selina Minx explains why negotiating within power exchange relationships can make it difficult to be honest with your partner.

She outlines both the reasons and the necessity for being able to clearly express your boundaries and needs when negotiating, and suggests on a few strategies to try including both verbal and nonverbal cues for negotiation.

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Oct 15, 2018

This podcast has experts in power exchange talking about a key skill for power exchange.

First Penny Barber outlines various reasons why a submissive might challenge a dominant and explains several different legitimate responses – in hope of creating the best possible outcome.

Then Sarah Sloane discusses spoken and unspoken expectations for both sides and shares ideas for a healthy, productive relationship.

Last, Mollena Williams explains how it is possible to work through issues even from within the D/s dynamic itself, keeping in mind that both sides are human beings first and their roles second.

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Oct 1, 2018

Are you shy? Or do you just need some polish to your "game"? Kink Academy experts Dan & Dawn Williams, Selena Minx, Alice in Bondageland, and Arden Leigh all weigh in.

Learn what separates "seductive" from "coercive", how to use your words and body language to express your desires, and why flirting doesn't stop when you're in a relationship.

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Sep 15, 2018

Sinnamon Love talks frankly about some of the common concerns women and men have about anal sex. Issues such as cleanliness and physical discomfort are often associated with this kind of intercourse, and Sinnamon has the expertise to tell you how to do it safely and best of all enjoyably for both partners.

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Sep 1, 2018

Wondering how you can feel good about watching porn? How to find the "good" kind? Or even how it can be used to deepen the intimacy of your relationships? This podcast has a variety of sex educators who tell you how:

  • Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan talk frankly about the difficulties that can arise when you are trying to talk about pornography with your partner.  
  • Sinnamon Love helps guys navigate the tricky waters of choosing porn to share with their partners.
  • Jacq Jones dispels the myth that porn watching is an unhealthy sign in a relationship, and also has some suggestions for how to find good  porn, both in quality and production.
  • Dr. Patti Britton discusses the essential nature of porn, highlighting the various ways porn can help improve the quality of sexual relationships.

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Aug 15, 2018

Professional dominatrix and educator Eve Minax discusses chastity play during this podcast. She explains the various motivations for chastity training/play – from initial light teasing to complete self-offering – and also references a few different types of such play. She recommends ways – either as the submissive, dominant, or other – to begin the conversation with your partner(s) and also shares some thoughts on more advanced play. 


Throughout the podcast Eve Minax recommends concrete masturbatory games when getting started with chastity play and offers important insights on training both those who have and those who do not have difficulty climaxing. She finishes the podcast with an overview of different types of play. She clearly outlines the range from simple “release training” on a schedule to complex and precision-crafted devices suitable for long-term chastity.


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Jul 31, 2018

Dan & Dawn Williams introduce the foundations of Master/slave (M/s) relationships during this four-part podcast. They define key terms, underscore consent, and discuss gender, personality, and decision-making.

Dan & Dawn also share some lessons learned from classic personal development principles: Think it, say it, write it, do it! They talk about how important it is to identify your wants, needs, and desires in the power exchange relationship and the courage to honestly express them in order to develop core principles for a working relationship.

It comes down to simple advice: Do It! Live the life you fantasize about! They also offer practical advice on how to maintain it and how ritual can create a foundation for hot and sustainable power exchange.

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Jul 1, 2018

Ashley talks about some of the preconceptions and shame that can come along with the idea of phone sex, but she also talks about how to overcome them. She gives you some concrete examples of how to ask for what you want in a way that will establish boundaries, consent, and sexiness with your partner. Then she goes into the “how-to”, including setting the scene, using your voice, and most important of all: figuring out what to say!

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Jun 15, 2018

In this series, Ducky tackles several common problems with long-term relationships, such as: falling into the same old habits sexually, dealing with sex drive, broadening our understanding of sex and hormones like oxytocin, and even simple ways to improve it: compliments!

She explains the basic human psychology behind why we slip into a routine with our sexuality, even if that’s “tonight we’re going to do it on the chandelier again“. A rut is a rut, and if you’re looking to change things up a bit Ducky has some solid suggestions you can try out right away.

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Jun 1, 2018

Ignacio defines sex, gender, gender identity/expression/attribution, sexual orientation and identity, as well as transgender and queer. Then they talk pronouns: They challenge society’s assumption of the gender binary (e.g., only using she, he, her, him, his, hers) and offers several gender neutral pronoun options (e.g., the singular they, them, their; hir, ze, zie). Ignacio acknowledges the complexities yet encourages both practice and ways to determine the pronouns acceptable to the person in question.

Using both personal experience and an understanding of the vast diversity of others’ experiences, they highlight the vital import of naming body parts and talking about such names with your partner(s). Since terminology varies considerably, it is critical to understand your partners’ feelings about their bodies; and understanding leads to good negotiation, connection, and fun!

They continues the transqueering your sex series with a comparison of fantasy and reality. They asks many questions to help spur self-reflection and increase self-awareness. Ignacio also helps with the conversation and negotiation with persons outside the gender binary.

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May 15, 2018

Barak and Brat Sheba discuss “Mini-Scenes” in Part 1. They define these brief play scenes, provide some examples, and discuss the important preparation for them.

Jillian of Locked in Steel discusses chastity during part 2. She highlights the many reasons for chastity play: to exchange power, to be in bondage, to show fidelity, to increase devotion, and many more! Jillian also notes some of the practical concerns about chastity belts and mentions price ranges. She also introduces some of the topics that she’ll cover in upcoming videos.

In Part 3, Minx Grrl introduces animal role play. She responds to frequently asked questions about such play: What is the point? What activities can I do? Do I need equipment? Minx Grrl answers additional questions too – with some emphasis on the relationship between human animals and furries.

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May 1, 2018

Barak & Brat Sheba introduce brat play during this three-minute video. They discuss and demonstrate some of the core elements of brat play (e.g., humor, banter, etc.) and also note what brat play is not.

They continue with a series of questions. Do you get hit often with your own shoe? Do you laugh a lot at your top or bottom and do they laugh back? Brat play is all about energy, and they cover it thoroughly.

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Apr 15, 2018

Mistress Shae Flanigan introduces sploshing, emphasizing the sensations involved in such messy play, discussing safety, techniques, and much more.

Ms. Cherries Jubalie introduces “switching.” She defines the relevant terms in power exchange relationships and hones in on the term switch and some of the aspects of the switch experience.

Mistress Simone talks about Domestic Discipline with the one overarching factor that goes throughout this kind of play: NO WARM UP. She elaborates on the “consensual non-consent” with descriptions of the negotiated scenarios that facilitate this kind of play. With the outline in place, this makes a great start for learning about the fun of domestic discipline.

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Apr 1, 2018

Dr. Patti Britton explains in this clip how our erotic triggers for arousal are rooted in the five senses. Male, female, or other, you can learn more about what turns you on by exploring the wealth of stimuli available, from lotions to dirty talk to erotica.

If your relationship seems to be stuck in a rut, Jacq Jones is here in part 2 to recommend a “Discovery Date” to bring some playfulness and a spirit of experimentation to the bedroom. Whether you’re curious about something you just read in an erotica story or want to use the “Discovery Date Form” to try some new things, she can help you set up and enjoy an unforgettable, educational, and fun evening with your partner.

Dr. Richard Sprott discusses the origins of fetishes in part 3. Based on a Freudian understanding of sexual development, he explains the roots and nature of sexual attraction as well as the idea of fetishes.

Dr. Sprott talks more on the origins of fetishes during part 4. He again looks back to our childhood years, explaining the importance of the couple years just prior to puberty. He connects these years to those formative ages of three to seven, and notes how these early years help create the primal images that can drive our sexuality.

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Mar 15, 2018

This podcast covers a wide range of kinks. In part one, Eve Minax takes a moment with her newly-mummified Ed to talk about some of the sensations and enjoyable aspects. From the sensual and meditative to the orgasmic and giggly, mummification can offer a wide range of fun.

“Luke the Perv” is Mistress Servalan’s partner for the zentai series and, in part two, he speaks up for the first time. He explains how much he loves both the tactile and psychological sensation of the suit on many different levels. He also talks about the more practical aspects, such as the variety, durability and cost of a zentai suit collection.

In part 3, Lamalani discusses her experience as a titleholder (International Ms. Leather 2009 and Washington State Ms. Leather 2008). She reflects on the relevance of titleholders in today’s world, the responsibilities of a titleholder, considerations when running for a title, and more.

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Mar 1, 2018

In part one, Alex Bettencourt draws from various sources such as books, films, magazines, etc. to offer inspiration for your service relationships.

Not everyone has experience with ‘managing’ another person (which is another way to look at service submission), so Sarah Sloane is here to share some of her secrets to a successful service arrangement. She discusses the way to keep the service person motivated and gives specific suggestions for training and preventing micro-managing.

Mollena Williams offers very concrete service tips – from the specifics of various forms of domestic servitude to sexual service and more – and recommends ways to make yourself useful based on you and your partner’s desires/needs.

Lucky Albatross talks about the emphasis on service as a long-term situation, which can be intimidating to people hesitant to take on such a major task. Lucky proposes a smaller-scale integration of service into a “vacation” scenario, where you get all the fun of a real holiday with the added spice of a service dynamic.

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Feb 15, 2018

As British “Lucky” Paul states, “Aftercare can make a good scene great, and great scene go wrong” and so he’s here to share some helpful thoughts on pre-planning to ensure that aftercare is not an ‘after-thought’.

Since everyone’s aftercare needs are different and both tops and bottoms need aftercare, it follows that they may not always be able to provide aftercare for each other. Lucky Albatross presents a solution in part two: using a different person who is better equipped and can be trusted to give the aftercare that is needed for either party. She talks about how best to communicate and provide for the different needs and also some strategies in case you have to do without.

Kitty Stryker discusses various aspects of aftercare in part three: the logistics, different desires, necessities, communication/negotiation, and more. She offers many practical tips to help improve your post-sexual experiences with your partner(s).

Experiencing the intense physical and psychological sensations and energy exchange of kinky scenes can leave the individuals feeling a wide range of emotions when it’s all over. That’s the time for aftercare, and as Princess Kali explains, both the bottom (or submissive) and the Top (or Dominant) should have their needs considered and cared for.

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Feb 1, 2018

Annie and Scotty begin to explore the many ways that the submissive woman can eroticize a power exchange relationship with a dominant man. They talk about the way this kind of role play can release inhibitions and allow the woman to freely explore her more “slutty” side. Annie enthusiastically shares that Being the object of desire for a powerful man is quite a trip.

Scotty tackles the other side of the dom/sub equation. He stresses that this is role play, not an excuse to be an asshole to women in everyday life. With the consent and negotiation of a willing submissive female, Scotty happily endorses bringing out the dominant aspects of your sexual appetite.

They talk about role-playing the fantasy of “consensual nonconsent” in part two, focusing on the most important tool for that kind of play: the safeword. It’s important to have an understanding of this concept and how to use it is a key part of a good power exchange relationship.

While it can be fun to indulge in the idea of not having any say in what happens to you, the reality is that you are responsible for yourself on a very basic level. They explain how to engage that responsibility while still keeping the play hot and sexy for both of you.

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Jan 15, 2018

This podcast starts with Nayland who discusses some motivations for psychological status play and begins to differentiate between the four key words: embarrass, humiliate, degrade, and objectify.

Princess Kali and Thrash discuss erotic humiliation. They consider the motivations and feelings from the perspectives of the top and, especially, the bottom. Kali and Thrash cover relevant topics such as embarrassment, shame, teasing, and more.

In the third segment, they continue their discussion about erotic humiliation play with some reflections of their own experiences. Both close by highlighting some possible triggers and areas to avoid when doing erotic humiliation play.

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Jan 1, 2018

Marcia B: What should you know about Consent? focuses on three questions: What is consent? Why does it matter? How do you know when you have it?

Harold Henry: Consent for Men: The secret of getting laid turns out not to be very complicated. Clear and honest communication are key.The kind of pushy predator that the mainstream media promotes won’t get you anywhere.

Verbal Consent: First Encounters Kitty Stryker recommends fun, flirtatious, and sexy ways both to move your chit-chat to pillow talk and cultivate a consent culture. She shares personal experiences and ideas on tone of voice and body language as well as positive ways to react to affirmative and negative responses to your advances.

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